Sara Rose is a 23 year-old Canadian-born musician, songwriter and upcoming author. 

​ Growing up in Hockley, ON, Sara began writing songs, recording, and performing at 10 years of age. She is also the co-founder of Hope through Harmonies, an annual live music fundraiser whose proceeds go directly to Ontario not-for-profit organization, Hospice Dufferin. 

Sara Rose has worked closely with Sandy Horne of Canadian new wave band The Spoons, Ryan Hancock of the Campfire Poets, and Juno Award nominated and winning producer, contributor in gold and platinum status albums, and top-ten hit 54/40 drummer, Darryl Neudorf. 

​ Sara won Orangeville's Emerging Artist of the Year award in 2019, was a recipient of the In The Hills 25 under 25 award in 2018, and has participated in multiple music contests. 

She completed an unreleased EP, 'The Journey' in collaboration with Alexis Troyak in 2017 at Sky Studios, released her debut album 'Until Now' in 2018 with Darryl Neudorf at Operation Northwoods and Ryan Hancock at Campfire Studios behind the works, and in November 2019 she released her most recent album,'We Could Be Beautiful' which was produced by Dennis Hahn. 

​ In addition to being a singer and songwriter, Rose holds a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work and holds a heartfelt passion for palliative care through sitting as Vice President on Hospice Dufferin's Board of Directors and is the chair of their Fundraising Committee. 

​ "Music has always been a part of my life. All genres and artists influence me so much.

I taught guitar growing up and have always sought out writing as a way of making sense of the world and a general refuge. I sing things I could never say in a  thousand years, and love writing songs that may resonate with others in their own ways. It truly is a language and joy for me. I don't know what I would do without it." 

​ Sara is writing her first book, SO NOW WHAT? and is in the beginning stages of working on a project with retired Toronto morning radio host, inspirational speaker, voice artist, and bestselling author, Erin Davis. 

​ Rose's old soul and knack for writing and singing  the boldly honest truths captivates her audiences with every show and written word.