Five Two Eight's bassist, Marco, was born with a foot condition (similar to a clubfoot) which impacted the way he walked and how he ran. Fortunately, this did not stop him from playing and excelling at sports. From a young age Marco loved playing baseball, hockey and other sports. In fact, one would not know that Marco had a foot condition as he loved stealing bases at the baseball diamond and was chosen to be assistant captain of his hockey team.  As Marco grew, however his foot began to cause his leg to rotate outwardly and the condition slowed down the rate of growth and development of his leg and foot.  As a 14 year old teenager Marco was frustrated with what this meant on the baseball diamond and on the ice.  Doctors encouraged Marco to consider a complicated surgery to correct his progressing limp, avoid the use of a cane and continue the growth of his leg and foot. The Chief of Orthopedics at SickKids, Dr. Martin Gargan, provided him all the information he needed to make such a decision. The Orthopedic team was caring, kind and extremely knowledgeable. The six hour surgery and year recovery was a tough one and one that reunited Marco with his love of music and an appreciation  for the medical field. Marco is grateful for the quality of care he received and the client centred approach Sickkids provided.